Why blog does not need Facebook ads or SEO on its first day?

Why blog does not need Facebook ads or SEO on its first day?

Facebook ads or SEO on its first day

Quality content is what builds a reputation. In present days there is a lot of ways to promote your website online on the Internet. Advertising on Facebook, search engine optimization (SEO), social media (SMM) are many options.

Should a budding blogger use all of them? Are some of them worth trying? That isn’t easy, but there is good news: today, we will try to answer these questions.

Don’t waste money on online marketing.

When you start an online business, your next task will be to promote your business online. Wrong. Launching online advertising right at the start of a company is not a great idea. It’s like offering hands and heart to a girl on the first date. Not the most optimal move. Why? You didn’t waste time getting to know her: she doesn’t know you, and she doesn’t trust you yet.

Online marketing works the same way as dating a girl.

Spending money on marketing before you start selling is rarely a great idea. First, create a minimum viable product. A loyal audience is attracted to useful and exciting content. Gradually established is a mutual understanding is with this audience of readers. Only then, when the reached is brand’s minimum loyalty, an offer to buy a product or service is made.

As a startup, you should focus on sharing more with your audience. How internet agencies work is to start blogging first, providing their audience with tremendous value, educating and helping them with tips and tricks, and helping their readers. And only during the desire to share their knowledge and experience with their audience, a reputation is created. The target audience takes the brand as an authority in their industry, which they turn to for the service.


 It is how you should build your online business, too, not with a huge marketing budget, but by creating an online reputation, step by step.


Start with an online reputation.

A popular tip is that promotion starts with SEO, link building, SMM, and more.

Of course, these marketing strategies work. For example, the average Facebook user clicks on eight ads per month, according to a WeAreSocial study. But too much obsession with Facebook ads or SEO is terrible for you, your brand, and your business in general.

Here’s why: If you try to run many ads, you end up wasting all your money, time, and resources but not communicating with real people – your audience, readers, and potential customers.

You can always turn to SEO and other marketing tactics, but later.

“But,” you ask. “How can I effectively interact with potential customers on the Internet?” Focus on generating quality, inspiring, original, and well-written content.

It would be best if you stopped continually focusing on ranking higher in search engine results, getting backlinks, or attracting more leads; instead, you focus on creating content that will help your readers solve problems. Builds your online reputation and also best advertises you in front of your potential clients.

Google’s recent update, Google Rank Brain, confirms this point. An algorithm based on artificial intelligence assesses the user’s intentions and offers them complete answers to a search query. Successful bloggers develop their business with long reads that answer their readers’ questions as thoroughly as possible. Let’s take an example.

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Grow your blog without spending a penny on advertising

Leo B started blogging in 2007, talking about his habits. Five months later, the blog entered the Top 1000 on Technorati, with 11,000 subscribers and millions of monthly views. 4 years later, Time magazine named him one of the Top 50 Sites of 2011 by Time Magazine.


With Leo Babauta’s classic approach, he should have spent millions of dollars on Facebook advertising and SEO, but he didn’t. He just focused on providing his audience with maximum value. From day one, You can place Google Adsense ads on your site, or you can start selling your e-book straight away in the first month of your blog, but you won’t be making money. The missing component of success in this business is the readership you need to build and gradually expand with useful content.

A successful blogger needs to focus on one thing only, year after year, consistently posting useful and engaging content and making it your primary goal to create content that will be useful to your readers because that’s the only thing that matters.

Typically, a reader visits your blog not because of a cool ad or a useful landing page but because of its content. The main goal of any content is to help the reader learn to do what is attractive.

The essence

Facebook ads and SEO are great.

That is the essential aspect of your business. Of course, over time, you can use SEO and SMM to increase traffic and revenue, but only after you build the foundation when you grow your readership and get the “brand advocates” that you will need if you start attracting a new audience to the site. But first, focus on building credibility and reputation. Put it all together: devote yourself to creating quality and useful content, take care of your readers; after all, this is the only real ad that matters!

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