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    Creative Impact Agency (Cortex) was recognized for Best Use of Online Media (advertising, PR & Social Media) at the 24th annual Webby Awards for a year-long campaign for Amazon Studios’ The Report. This award was made possible by an anonymous donor. The award is the second highest awarded from the Webby Awards, out of the over one hundred categories and over one thousand individual awards. magazine of the other awards at the Webby Awards are given to films and TV shows. This honor puts Creative Impact Agency at the top of the list when it comes to advertising success.

    For a company like Amazon Studios, an ad campaign that is successful beyond the television or print media can only be achieved through the internet. Creating a buzz online with the help of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vine, Amazon created a viral campaign that reached a staggering two million people within the first day of its release. To celebrate the success of their campaign, Amazon created another popular show, “The Getaways”, where a team of special forces commando agents stalk a terrorist organization. The show ended with the terrorists being captured, while the show continued to be watched by fans on Amazon Prime. It was a fitting tribute to the creative impact of C.O.D.A. and the many online marketing services that they have offered to numerous companies.

    Creative Impact Agency was responsible for the design of the online marketing campaigns for both products from Amazon and the movie The Lego Movie, among others. Their previous clients include Citibank, Nike, Unilever, VISA and Transworld Wide Brands. Their focus on brand identity in the creative industry is to engage customers in an active way, and build strong customer loyalty.

    Creating brand identity requires the creative team to identify your company’s vision, mission and goals, as well as its target audience. The concept of creating brand identity should never be a one-time event but continuous as long as your business exists. Designers use tools such as colour and typography, as well as graphics, images and videos to build the identity of a company. They also look at how the same brand can be communicated across a number of medium, which could be in print, televisions or the Internet. These are just some of the ways in which they develop a consistent approach across all marketing channels.

    Brand identity becomes much more valuable than ever, once it has become a part of the daily lives of customers. Customers are constantly bombarded with messages about new products, discounts and product launches. Social media is one of the best platforms that help you brand yourself on the web, which is why creative marketing services are becoming so important these days. For instance, a recent post on a popular networking site, Twitter, read “want to advertise something that we do? Come to us!” This is an excellent message to send out, as it encourages people to visit the company’s website.

    As branding experts know, a good website is only useful if it is visited. There are magazine of social media sites that allow users to interact with each other, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs, discussion forums and wikis. A blog is a great way in which a company can get in touch with its customer base and engage them in a direct and personal manner. However, doing so can prove difficult because the vast majority of people on the Internet are unable to write creatively, or understand what a blog is even about. A branding agency provides an effective solution to this problem by offering website design services.

    Brand identity tends to change over time. Customers are likely to feel that a brand has changed and is now unproductive if it was launched during the initial stages of its development. Branding experts can help to change this perception of a brand so that it starts to seem more attractive and youthful. One way this can be achieved is through incorporating keywords and images into a website. The branding agency will work closely with a client to create an effective website and use appropriate keywords and images.

    Creating a brand identity requires a great deal of time, effort and creativity. This is why many companies choose to outsource their work to a professional service. The services provided by such agencies tend to be much more effective at creating a brand identity that can help in establishing a brand image and increase sales. There are a number of different ways in which branding experts can do this. One way is through the introduction of articles and blogs into a company’s website. magazine is through the use of video clips and images to promote products and services.